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Adapting Post-COVID: With the pandemic mostly behind us, we’re pleased to offer the convenience of remote meetings for our clients. If you prefer not to meet in person, we can collect essential documents through fax or secure drop-off, allowing us to handle most business efficiently over the phone or in remote meetings. Your comfort and safety remain our priority.

During these difficult times, we make it easy to connect!

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If you’re calling during our normal hours and get our voicemail, leave the best time to call you back and we will call you back, usually within an hour or less!

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2. Schedule a “Zoom Meeting” video call

If you want to setup a time to chat via a Zoom Meeting, please use our widget below to pick a time to meet via a Zoom Meeting video chat.  Zoom is easy to use and allows us to meet almost “face to face”. A Zoom video chat meeting can be fun and more personable than a phone call.

3. Connect with us using your preferred method of online communicating:

Simply call or email us and we’ll see if we can connect via that specific method. Providing our technology allows, we can meet via any popular and secure social media method. Our team will go to any length to make communicating remotely easy for you!